martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

The Buenos Aires Government believes in taking Lugano there is fusion

The Secretariat of Habitat, marine Klemensiewicz, argued that there are people with "federal crimes associated with drug trafficking problems" between the occupants of the premises


The Buenos Aires Government today warned that the taking of land in Villa Lugano was prompted "politically" and complained that "there are problems" associated "with drug trafficking". The Secretariat of Habitat and Buenos Aires Social Inclusion, Marina Klemensiewicz, argued that who kept busy a week ago the area of avenida Cruz and Pola are impaired "federal crimes associated with drug trafficking" and warned: "there is a sector too much Assembly I don't know who answers".

To be consulted if the taking of that land could be politically incited, Klemensiewicz replied: "Absolutely".

"Not only was prompted politically with economic interests for a few. "People was deceived, said to him: 'Come to take the housing' and forcing it to pay up to 15 thousand and 5 thousand pesos", stressed in statements to radio La Red.

"Justice is intervening. There are detainees according to the raids on Sunday. Justice could get several tests in relation to these acts of buying and selling", he added.

The official criticized that "many mothers and children has been, in some ways, used as shields and mobilized to try to demonstrate that there is a need".

The grounds, opposite the Indoamericano Park taken in 2010 and that ended with a violent police repression, was occupied on Monday of last week by some 300 families claiming land to build housing and a man was killed in the middle of an argument between neighbors.

On Friday, although a court deadline was met so that the eviction will take place the order of judge Gabriel Vega was suspended following the intervention of the official defender Luis Duacastella. However, the new judge of the cause, María Gabriela López Iñíguez, received an order from the Prosecutor's office to the ground is evicted.

Meanwhile, the six people arrested yesterday in the attempted takeover of the campus of Zuviría and José León Suárez, also in Villa Lugano, were released in the early hours of today after refusing to testify and the absence of a criminal record.

The Buenos Aires criminal judge Carlos Aostri freed the six accused aged 18 to 23, of which five are women, one of them aged 18 and pregnant.

Young people made use of their right to refuse to testify and his official advocate promised to present in the week a Disclaimer written to explain the facts.

As none of the detainees has criminal record, the judge ordered their freedom and the Prosecutor in the case, Gustavo Galante, imposed les the obligation to arise once a week in the Prosecutor's office to ensure its permanence in the cause.

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