sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

Vanessa Hudgens?, Or Chloe Moretz?

What is going chachi occasionally messy. By that I mean do not worry about makeup, heels, tight skirts or some fashion. What usually happens in these days of Saturday morning, after buying your daily and go by eating a churro with taste and indulgence is that, bam! you find the love of your life, your boss or your mother. And of course, you're the mess ...

But now imagine that we are famous, not only Neustr prince may occur if not our turn paparazzi. We will continue, photographed gnawed our canvas shoes, our face without makeup and our hair uncombed.

And come the hordes of blogger to criticize, to say that we are no longer one, we're in detox or have no work.

For just happens today with Vanessa and Chloe, sorry queens, but something must be forced hablar.Dentro our disarray, we are not barbies, who looks better of the two? Vanessa this is already tanned.

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