viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

Gets the sense of touch with a bionic hand

A Swiss doctor's group introduced a Danish man who had lost a hand and could feel when taking objects with the prosthesis.

Scientists in Switzerland and Italy presented what they described as a revolutionary bionic hand with sense of touch which could lead, for the first time, the possibility of having dentures sensations.

The prototype of the prosthesis was tested with a Danish man Aabo Dennis Sørensen, who lost his left hand in an accident 10 years ago. The device enabled him to identify the shape and texture of different objects without seeing them.

The prosthesis is connected with small electrodes to the nerves of the arm of the patient and after calibration electrical signals allows for the first time, merge the boundaries between human and machine, researchers at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne say, in Switzerland and the Institute for Biorobotics in Pisa, Italy.

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