viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

monthly increases in gasoline

Hi guys / girls of the Argentina taringa far we get with increases

There would be monthly increases of gasoline and diesel to May YPF prices rose to 6.9%, the premium spent $ 10

The so-called agreement between the links of the chain oil yesterday announced that Economy Minister Axel Kicillof, 24 hours later showed some of its weaker aspects. Hurriedly, the YPF, Esso (Axion), Petrobras and Oil nationalized fuels increased their hours, as had authorized Kicillof day before. But Shell, which is expected to roll back prices as a result of the agreement (tacit, as one document that was not signed them up), still waiting for the response from its suppliers to do so.

YPF, which ships more than five of every 10 liters of fuel sold in the country, applied settings up to 8% in some cities. In the Capital, for instance, premium gasoline rose 6.9% and the super 6.5 percent. These are values above 6% a day before the government authorized. The company, however, these differences justified by the fact that settings applied according to a weighted average across the country. Criticized its competitors.

Shell, however, remained intact until the evening their slates. Its president, Juan Jose Aranguren, met Wednesday with Kicillof and reached an agreement. At night, the company sent him a list of suppliers of oil to the head of Economics. And yesterday, through various

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