viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

U.S. speak of "an economic crisis Argent

It was in a debate on Capitol Hill, where several Republican senators raised questions about the choice of the new ambassador to Buenos Aires.

The U.S. Capitol was a debate that exposed different views on the reality of Argentina, when U.S. senators interpellated to Noha Mamet, will be the future ambassador to Buenos Aires. In this discussion some lawmakers discussed economic crisis in these latitudes.

"There will likely be an economic crisis in Argentina soon,'' he said one of the Republican senators, in a context of rejection of his candidacy by many of his colleagues. Mamet is a Democratic businessman, who is credited with being fundraiser for the Obama campaign consultant and founder of Noah Mamet & Associates LLC.

The committee chairman, Democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey, told the AP at the end of a hearing he was "with concerns'' because he felt that the candidate" will need much more depth.''

"It's a position that deserves to have someone with experience. Mamet I have nothing against, but I worry that does not have the necessary experience," he said Republican Marco Rubio.

Both Rubio and Menendez described Argentina as an example of a regional trend where governments are democratically elected, but then restrict freedom of the press and the justice system, the AP reported. Mamet also made a hard analysis of the country context and said he considered Argentina as "an ally with whom we have fundamental disagreements.''

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