viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo 110 restores identity granddaughter

The human rights organization held a conference where he announced the recovery and return of stolen identity granddaughter Vilma Gutierrez Sesarego Delinda, a founder of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

Grandmothers, in the happy announcement

"Daughter of Oscar Guitierrez and Liliana Isabel Acuña," said the Association of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo on the latest in recovering your identity granddaughter. Estela de Carlotto marked that, in turn, she is a descendant of one of the twelve founders of the organization, Vilma Sesarego.

"I am convinced that life always trumps death and this is the sample. It was a pregnancy of 37 years, "comfesó Rodolfo Gutierrez, uncle of the girl, whose parents disappeared on August 26, 1976, when he was a fifth then Liliana month of pregnancy.

The October 31, 2013, a young woman approached Grandmothers with doubts about his identity and was received by the team of Spontaneous Presentation of the institution. "Given the strong evidence that could be a missing daughter, was immediately derived from the National Commission for the Right to Identity (Conadi) for conducting the DNA test was ordered," a statement from Grandmothers. "Fortunately, the results of the analysis in the National Genetic Data Bank indicated that the girl is the daughter of Oscar and Liliana," the message concludes.

The story had been told was that the girl was found abandoned on Route 2 in Florencio Varela, by police. His suspicions about this story prevailed over "the time and tried to erase traces" in the words of the grandmothers, who 36 years later still fighting tirelessly to recover the appropriate grandchildren during the military dictatorship. "We are men and women, many with children, work, friends. The Grandmothers want with the urgency of time running who dare to confront its history. We offer certainties, respect your needs. They repeat them and they are not alone, that awaits freedom, "he concludes, hopeful the report.

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