martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

The Buenos Aires Government believes in taking Lugano there is fusion

The Secretariat of Habitat, marine Klemensiewicz, argued that there are people with "federal crimes associated with drug trafficking problems" between the occupants of the premises


The Buenos Aires Government today warned that the taking of land in Villa Lugano was prompted "politically" and complained that "there are problems" associated "with drug trafficking". The Secretariat of Habitat and Buenos Aires Social Inclusion, Marina Klemensiewicz, argued that who kept busy a week ago the area of avenida Cruz and Pola are impaired "federal crimes associated with drug trafficking" and warned: "there is a sector too much Assembly I don't know who answers".

To be consulted if the taking of that land could be politically incited, Klemensiewicz replied: "Absolutely".

"Not only was prompted politically with economic interests for a few. "People was deceived, said to him: 'Come to take the housing' and forcing it to pay up to 15 thousand and 5 thousand pesos", stressed in statements to radio La Red.

"Justice is intervening. There are detainees according to the raids on Sunday. Justice could get several tests in relation to these acts of buying and selling", he added.

The official criticized that "many mothers and children has been, in some ways, used as shields and mobilized to try to demonstrate that there is a need".

The grounds, opposite the Indoamericano Park taken in 2010 and that ended with a violent police repression, was occupied on Monday of last week by some 300 families claiming land to build housing and a man was killed in the middle of an argument between neighbors.

On Friday, although a court deadline was met so that the eviction will take place the order of judge Gabriel Vega was suspended following the intervention of the official defender Luis Duacastella. However, the new judge of the cause, María Gabriela López Iñíguez, received an order from the Prosecutor's office to the ground is evicted.

Meanwhile, the six people arrested yesterday in the attempted takeover of the campus of Zuviría and José León Suárez, also in Villa Lugano, were released in the early hours of today after refusing to testify and the absence of a criminal record.

The Buenos Aires criminal judge Carlos Aostri freed the six accused aged 18 to 23, of which five are women, one of them aged 18 and pregnant.

Young people made use of their right to refuse to testify and his official advocate promised to present in the week a Disclaimer written to explain the facts.

As none of the detainees has criminal record, the judge ordered their freedom and the Prosecutor in the case, Gustavo Galante, imposed les the obligation to arise once a week in the Prosecutor's office to ensure its permanence in the cause.
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250,000 gay families celebrated the day of the family in Mexico

The first Domingo of Marzo every year since 2005 held in Mexico the day of the family. We all know how important this event is for Mexicans and especially for families in general. Grandfathers, uncles, fathers, brothers and sons gather to so enjoy your loved ones.

This year 2014 has been a great year in Mexico with respect to the family day for LGBT, since there have been 250,000 families gay who have enjoyed yesterday with his family in Mexico.

This data is important because it reveals progress in the family registry different from all over Mexico. Some years ago this might seem unthinkable or too distant and yet today you can see how gay couples enjoy a lot of benefits and are gradually being considered equal to the rest.
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Ronaldo and Zidane are leading the scoring more solidarity

The Swiss Stéphane Chapuisat, author of three goals, became the main protagonist of the "match against poverty", which faced today in Bern Young Boys and friends teams with a combined led by Brazil's Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane French


Despite his 44 years after almost eight away from the playing fields, Chapuisat showed that big scorers never lose the instinct, as they showed the three goals that the former Borussia Dortmund player scored in the first half for the Swiss as a whole.

But if Stepahne Chapuisat has not lost "smell", much less the exdelantero of the Atletico de Madrid Christian Vieri, the eternal 'capocannoniere', who led the comeback of Ronaldo, Zidane & friends team with two goals in the second half.

A team that included Home Spain's Fernando Hierro and Michel Salgado, and in which also exinternacional Gaizka Mendieta had his minutes in the second half.

Constellation of stars among which the Brazilian player had a prominent role Marta, chosen best player in the world by FIFA for five consecutive years, even though he failed to mark.

Opposite to Zinedine Zidane, author of two goals, the second penalty, or Portuguese Nuno Gomes, who signed a doublet, which enabled Ronaldo, Zidane and company take the final victory by 6-8.

Although the winners today, in addition to the more than 18,000 spectators who could watch again on the lawn of the stadium in Switzerland to some of the greatest legends of world football, were affected by the Typhoon Haiyan, which ravaged last November Philippines, who will go for fundraising.
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sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

Cavani will be "blue" before World

Edinson Cavani signed for Chelsea Mourinho before the start of the World Cup in Brazil. Abramovich will pay him 50 million pounds (84 million dollars).

The Uruguayan journalist based in London, Álvaro Levrero, reported Sunday that Edinson Cavani from England is Chelsea player at the end of this season, before starting the World Cup in Brazil.

Mourinho would have already informed the club that Salta is your goal to strengthen the attack of his team, for which dispensed with Lukaku and Ba. So 50 million pounds (84 million dollars) to finance the operation.

The information adds that the representative of the striker Cavani said its output would look good PSG, which is pawn Ibrahimovic when it should not be of anyone.

Edinson was already close to Chelsea last July, but PSG ahead in the operation and ended up leaving Naples for Paris.

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Vanessa Hudgens?, Or Chloe Moretz?

What is going chachi occasionally messy. By that I mean do not worry about makeup, heels, tight skirts or some fashion. What usually happens in these days of Saturday morning, after buying your daily and go by eating a churro with taste and indulgence is that, bam! you find the love of your life, your boss or your mother. And of course, you're the mess ...

But now imagine that we are famous, not only Neustr prince may occur if not our turn paparazzi. We will continue, photographed gnawed our canvas shoes, our face without makeup and our hair uncombed.

And come the hordes of blogger to criticize, to say that we are no longer one, we're in detox or have no work.

For just happens today with Vanessa and Chloe, sorry queens, but something must be forced hablar.Dentro our disarray, we are not barbies, who looks better of the two? Vanessa this is already tanned.

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viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

Vicky Xipolitakis and Annalisa Santi at sea

Vicky and Annalisa Santi Xipolitakis not stop tease and seduce in Living with the Stars. Last night, Marcelo Polino showed the video of the Greek and Italian topless and very close together in the sea.

The girls staged a very hot time in Mar del Plata thing with their "boobs" bare, leaning on each other, and then entering the sea topless, which showed much of her curves.

"With Annalisa we could not sleep and went to play the sea," said Vicky. And to top it off, later he showered naked with his "puppy".

Recall that since he met her, "university hot" made clear his intentions to have "more" with the star, which so far did not happen ... It will give you?

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Gets the sense of touch with a bionic hand

A Swiss doctor's group introduced a Danish man who had lost a hand and could feel when taking objects with the prosthesis.

Scientists in Switzerland and Italy presented what they described as a revolutionary bionic hand with sense of touch which could lead, for the first time, the possibility of having dentures sensations.

The prototype of the prosthesis was tested with a Danish man Aabo Dennis Sørensen, who lost his left hand in an accident 10 years ago. The device enabled him to identify the shape and texture of different objects without seeing them.

The prosthesis is connected with small electrodes to the nerves of the arm of the patient and after calibration electrical signals allows for the first time, merge the boundaries between human and machine, researchers at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne say, in Switzerland and the Institute for Biorobotics in Pisa, Italy.

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monthly increases in gasoline

Hi guys / girls of the Argentina taringa far we get with increases

There would be monthly increases of gasoline and diesel to May YPF prices rose to 6.9%, the premium spent $ 10

The so-called agreement between the links of the chain oil yesterday announced that Economy Minister Axel Kicillof, 24 hours later showed some of its weaker aspects. Hurriedly, the YPF, Esso (Axion), Petrobras and Oil nationalized fuels increased their hours, as had authorized Kicillof day before. But Shell, which is expected to roll back prices as a result of the agreement (tacit, as one document that was not signed them up), still waiting for the response from its suppliers to do so.

YPF, which ships more than five of every 10 liters of fuel sold in the country, applied settings up to 8% in some cities. In the Capital, for instance, premium gasoline rose 6.9% and the super 6.5 percent. These are values above 6% a day before the government authorized. The company, however, these differences justified by the fact that settings applied according to a weighted average across the country. Criticized its competitors.

Shell, however, remained intact until the evening their slates. Its president, Juan Jose Aranguren, met Wednesday with Kicillof and reached an agreement. At night, the company sent him a list of suppliers of oil to the head of Economics. And yesterday, through various

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U.S. speak of "an economic crisis Argent

It was in a debate on Capitol Hill, where several Republican senators raised questions about the choice of the new ambassador to Buenos Aires.

The U.S. Capitol was a debate that exposed different views on the reality of Argentina, when U.S. senators interpellated to Noha Mamet, will be the future ambassador to Buenos Aires. In this discussion some lawmakers discussed economic crisis in these latitudes.

"There will likely be an economic crisis in Argentina soon,'' he said one of the Republican senators, in a context of rejection of his candidacy by many of his colleagues. Mamet is a Democratic businessman, who is credited with being fundraiser for the Obama campaign consultant and founder of Noah Mamet & Associates LLC.

The committee chairman, Democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey, told the AP at the end of a hearing he was "with concerns'' because he felt that the candidate" will need much more depth.''

"It's a position that deserves to have someone with experience. Mamet I have nothing against, but I worry that does not have the necessary experience," he said Republican Marco Rubio.

Both Rubio and Menendez described Argentina as an example of a regional trend where governments are democratically elected, but then restrict freedom of the press and the justice system, the AP reported. Mamet also made a hard analysis of the country context and said he considered Argentina as "an ally with whom we have fundamental disagreements.''

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Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo 110 restores identity granddaughter

The human rights organization held a conference where he announced the recovery and return of stolen identity granddaughter Vilma Gutierrez Sesarego Delinda, a founder of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

Grandmothers, in the happy announcement

"Daughter of Oscar Guitierrez and Liliana Isabel Acuña," said the Association of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo on the latest in recovering your identity granddaughter. Estela de Carlotto marked that, in turn, she is a descendant of one of the twelve founders of the organization, Vilma Sesarego.

"I am convinced that life always trumps death and this is the sample. It was a pregnancy of 37 years, "comfesó Rodolfo Gutierrez, uncle of the girl, whose parents disappeared on August 26, 1976, when he was a fifth then Liliana month of pregnancy.

The October 31, 2013, a young woman approached Grandmothers with doubts about his identity and was received by the team of Spontaneous Presentation of the institution. "Given the strong evidence that could be a missing daughter, was immediately derived from the National Commission for the Right to Identity (Conadi) for conducting the DNA test was ordered," a statement from Grandmothers. "Fortunately, the results of the analysis in the National Genetic Data Bank indicated that the girl is the daughter of Oscar and Liliana," the message concludes.

The story had been told was that the girl was found abandoned on Route 2 in Florencio Varela, by police. His suspicions about this story prevailed over "the time and tried to erase traces" in the words of the grandmothers, who 36 years later still fighting tirelessly to recover the appropriate grandchildren during the military dictatorship. "We are men and women, many with children, work, friends. The Grandmothers want with the urgency of time running who dare to confront its history. We offer certainties, respect your needs. They repeat them and they are not alone, that awaits freedom, "he concludes, hopeful the report.

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